School photograph from 1903

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  • Are there notes anywhere on the photo back with names of the students? Where was the school please? Would all suitable age children from Shandwick, Hilton and Balintore attend this school? I think I read once that at one time the three villages had two schools? Or that Shandwick children attended a separate school? My family surnames are MacAngus/McAngus, MacLeod, Vass, Skinner, Ross & Mackenzie/McKenzie. The MacLeods and MacKenzies were on the East Coast until late in the 19th century, Skye, Lochbroom areas. I am reading “Down to the Sea” at present by Jessee MacDonald and Ann Gordon. Are there other books available to illuminate my families history in these villages? As the fishing died out they migrated to working on farms in Nigg, Fearn, etc. Thanks for any help, Simona MacAngus, California, USA

    • I don’t think anybody has replied to you Simona, I apologise for that, the person doing this left last year and I’ve taken it on lately. Your questions, There were no names on the pictures you mentioned and none have come in for them, we have put others on but mainly from 1920’s onward with names. Schools, Shandwick children would have to Nigg school as Shandwick is in the Parish of Nigg, Balintore and Hilton are in the Parish Of Fearn so went to Hilton. MacAngus seems to be a name peculier to Hilton and spread from their, plently of Vass, Skinner, Ross and all the other names you mention. One correction, Skye and Lochbroom are on the West coast and Mackenzie and MacLeod’s come from that direction. Books, “Down to Sea” deals only with the Seaboard villages, “This Noble Harbour” covers the whole Moray Firth Seaboard Area, “Ross and Cromarty” by David Alston also touches on the villages.

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