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Seaboard History

Seaboard History

The Seaboard has a rich heritage and since 2007 we have been collecting and archiving material relevant to our social history and heritage. We have been building on this over the years and have collected masses of material relating to our culture and heritage. We are 

Skinner family, Hugh Street.

Left to right as viewer looks. Willie Skinner [Bouyack], Margaret C. Skinner, Geordie Skinner, Annie Helen Skinner, Annie Skinner, John Skinner, Katie Skinner. Standing at back right. Bella MacKenzie, Katie Bell Skinner, ? MacKenzie.
Taken at the back of Hugh Street.
Balintore Ladies Football Team, early 1980’s.

Balintore Ladies Football Team, early 1980’s.


Balintore ladies Football Team early 1980’s. Left to Right as viewer looks, Back Row. Amanda Mottram, Jacqui Vass, Elizabeth McGee, Louise Robertson, Elizabeth Robb, Maureen Allan, Francis MacLeod. Front Row. Debbie Oliver, Catherine Robb, Morag Fleming, Karen MacKenzie, Janice Sharkey, Lorraine Ross.

Donald MacKenzie

Donald MacKenzie, 15 Bank Street, Balintore, thatching the roof of his cottage at the age of 76 in 1936.

Seaside Rovers, circa 1950.

  Seaside Rovers, circa 1950.        Back Row, left to right, as viewer looks. Andrew Ross [Peco], Donnie Vass, Not known, Kenny MacRae, Danna Ross. Front Row, left to right, as viewer looks, Davie John Vass, David Erskine, Andrew Allan [Addo], Robbie Hart,